Put Down Your Phone…Be More Happy

by | Dec 9, 2013

I recently heard cell phones and social media sites compared to addictive drugs.  Though I immediately discounted the claim, after some reflection, I think there might be something too it!  You get a quick boost when you check in at the beginning.  You can become attached to “checking in” with the phone all the time…to the point of absurdity.  And as you are reading this, you are probably saying “Hey…I can quit any time I want!”

Sound familiar?

Well this study from Kent State says if we want to be more happy, we need to unplug. 

“A Kent State University study found that people who are constantly connected to their cell phone are less happy than those who can detach.

Intense cell phone use is also linked to heightened anxiety and a feeling of obligation to keep in touch.”

Our very own Jeff Wickerham struggled with this recently when he challenged himself to “put the phone down.”  As he said, it was harder than he thought.

So with the holidays nearly upon us, here is the challenge.  Make the commitment to be “more present.”  Who knows, you might like the 3D people just as much as the ones on the small screen.



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