Put On Your Mask First

by | May 19, 2014

This weekend, my wife Amy and I, went out of town for just a day and a half.  The purpose of the trip was to spend just a few minutes to reconnect, recharge and refocus.  On it’s face, that sounds simple enough.

The challenge with a trip like this is that “life” sometimes gets in the way.  When planning it, you consider all of the things you need to do.  And even on the way, you can often be overcome with guilt thinking of all the obligations you are not doing.  But the thing is, if you want to properly “give” to others consistently, you do need to “give” to yourself sometimes too.

I am reminded of the speech they give on airplanes when cabin pressure changes and the breathing masks drop from the ceiling of the plane.  “Make sure to secure your mask first BEFORE assisting those around you.”

Sometimes you need to take a moment to get your own mask right.  Then you can help others. 


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