Raising Your Sights

by | Apr 17, 2012

Here is an email I sent to our staff…slightly modified.

Good morning gang. I hope each of you is doing well. I wanted to get you thinking about our company…and how I think we can propel our growth by changing our sights.

Each of you, by now, know that I am a big believer in goal setting. I think each of us need to have our goals, clearly defined and written down. It’s a powerful way to cause positive change in our lives.

You also know that I have laid out certain goals for HMC. I have said that I would like for us to shoot for (an aggressive reasonable goal) in sales for 2012. That could be viewed as a lofty goal considering our previous year’s sales. But I think it’s not lofty enough. Why? Because I think if you create a goal (say $1 Million) that is not high enough, you make decisions looking through those pair of glasses. Quite frankly, if each of us did a little more in sales, we could reach the reasonable goal. There is no need for a change in thinking.

I think if we change the conversation to a BIG Goal, it changes our internal conversation. It changes the way we view each decision. How would a larger company tackle this issue? Or, maybe more importantly, what kind of customers, sales techniques, and processes will we need to get there? What do we need to inherently do better to reach THE BIG GOAL?

The same is true for our sales team. I think I have done you each the disservice of saying (a reasonable number) is your goal. Though each of us has to set our personal sales goals, I think (from a company standpoint) we need to change the conversation. Instead of shooting to sell $2500 per week, you need to be shooting for $10,000 per week! Just think, if you fall short of this, you might still be quite above the original goal! And just think of what your income would look like if you are selling $10,000 per week. Totally different.

But to reach $10,000 per week you may have to view your own sales differently. What kind of customers do I have now? What kind do I need to reach this new level? What do I need to consistently do to get them? These are questions each of us need to ask ourselves to make sure we are keeping our eyes on our goals.

So that is the question I leave with each of us today. What can we do to change our focus toward THE BIG GOAL? What can you do to change your personal sales go upward? I have some thoughts, but I want your input. Please let me know what I can do to help!


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