Second Impressions Matter!

by | Jul 6, 2015

We have all had the experience as a customer.  You have your first interaction with a company or organization, and something goes wrong.   The first impression of that company is not perfect.  We talk a lot about the importance of good first impression, and that is true.  But sometimes the first interaction can get off on the wrong foot.  It happens.
But what happens next is super important. 
In my experience, most customers are somewhat understanding about the first issue, as long as the first issue is quickly addressed.  That SECOND experience can make the relationship or break it.
If you get the second experience right (you immediately fix the problem and show regret) you can quickly gain the customer’s trust back.
But if you get the 2nd impression wrong, most of the time, the relationship is doomed.  Now you have a track record of failure.  The customer starts to “look” for things that are wrong.  You have no trust built up with them.  Now you (and your company) has to be perfect from now on.
And no one is perfect.
Remember, everyone looks great when things go right.  But the “2nd impression” can make all the difference.


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