Sometimes Only Results Matter

We live in a time where “participation” gets you a trophy.  We (as a culture) work very hard not to hurt any feelings and to play nice in all situations.  There are many times when this makes life less unpleasant. 

But it doesn’t lead to results.  And sometimes, results are what really matters.

My oldest daughter is in the process of looking for a summer job.  She has gone and applied.  She has interviewed.  She has followed up (multiple times).  She could be given a trophy for effort.  But she doesn’t have a job yet.

The same is true for sales, business and many other endeavors in life.  We spend hours showing that we are spending hours.  We hide behind activity to justify our existence.  But in the end, let me know what you sold.

Don’t get me wrong.  The right effort, applied consistently will (most often) lead to results.  But just know that the results are what you are measured by.

Sometimes…only the results matter.

Taking it to the Next Level

Taking it to the Next Level

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It’s Not What You Say

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