Sometimes You Need To ReCharge

sometimes you need to recharge

They say there are two types of humans.  There are the ones that let their phones get down to 1% charge and the people that get uncomfortable when it gets to 60%.  Some people always let the light come on in their vehicle (and have run out of gas more than once) and those that want to fill up when it gets below a half tank.

When it comes to my devices, I fall in the latter category.  I get “a little twitchy” if my phone gets too low.  I always want that device to be at a full charge…or near a plug!

It’s funny how we often treat our bodies and brains differently.

This week has been a busy one.  For the most part, I like that.  But this week, with the stress, the projects, and the events, it has led to substantially less sleep than I regularly get.  And for the past couple of days, it has been catching up.  I have been more tired, less creative, and more agitated.  My head was in a bit of a fog.

So last night I decided to recharge.

Last night I went to bed at an embarrassingly early time…like “senior discount at the buffet” early.  While I was tired for sure, I was concerned that I would not be able to really fall asleep at that time.  I put my head on the pillow, and then…woke up this morning!  I was out.  And, as I hoped, I woke up feeling refreshed and recharged.

Life pulls us in so many different directions.  We have responsibilities, goals, kids, dreams, and work to keep us on our toes.  With those challenges, we often look to “life hacks” or energy drinks to keep us going.  While those may work in the short term, they are not a long-term solution.

If you want to be more productive, sometimes you need to simply recharge.

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