It seems like everywhere I look I see a new article on how to “deal with Millennials.”  I have always thought this was a bit silly, but it’s bordering on absurd now.  We need to stop talking about the next generation as if we are preparing for flu season.  We have to stop complaining about Millennials!  Listen to more here…please!

I have been chewing on this a while. It’s become one of my biggest pet peeves.  All I hear about is how Millennials are lazy, and whiny, and shallow, and entitled.  It’s clearly a topic of choice right now in the business world.  But if there is one takeaway, it’s simply “Stop Complaining About Millennials!”  Why?  Let me dig in.

Demonizing an entire generation is unfair and lazy:  Look, I am sure are entitled people of this age.  I have seen them just like you have.  But do you want to tell me that there are no entitled Baby Boomers?  Really?  Like every generation, there are bad apples.  But if you paint the entire Millennial generation as “lazy” it makes you lazy.  Ironic.

It’s an Excuse:  Generally this is just a reason we tell ourselves why our sales, our organizations, our lives are not what we want them to be.  It’s the next generation’s fault.  As a leader, if there are lazy, whiny, entitled Millennials in your organization…it’s your fault.  Stop blaming them and be a better leader.

We Need to Evolve:  This seems like what every generation does about the next one.  The older generation complains about the younger one.  It happens over and over.  And in each case, most of the time, it’s the older generation that needs to evolve.  Millennials are not going away folks.  As I said earlier, it’s not a flu season.  This is the future of our world.  If we want to succeed, we need to evolve.

As I said earlier, we need to stop treating the next generation like they are a “flu season.”  They are not something to endure and get through.  They are the next generation and they are to be respected.  It’s what we expect from them.  Maybe we should show them how it’s done.

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