Take Responsibility for EVERYTHING

by | Jan 24, 2015

“If it’s to be it’s up to me.”
Let me paint a picture.  You are meeting with someone you are trying to help “grow” (either professionally or personally).  At this get together over coffee, they start to explain why they have not completed a few of the tasks the two of you have set out for them.  You patiently listen as they tell you that “there was not enough hours in the day,” or  “they don’t have the money” or “their team won’t get on board,” or whatever. 
What do you tell them? 
If you are being honest, you look them in the eye and say, “It’s your fault.”  You won’t want to say it.  They probably won’t want to hear it.  But it’s true.
The fact is, if you want to lead a more successful life, you need to take responsibility for EVERYTHING.  You need to look in the mirror and own your own decisions.  In addition, figure out what you could have done to make that current situation better.   (This is not just my internal control freak speaking).
Of course there are things in your life that you cannot control.  But what good is that kind of thinking?  Do you want things to just “happen to you?”  Welcome to the life of the victim.   If you want to take control, look at each of these situations and understand that you have an impact.
Not enough hours?  What can YOU cut out of the schedule to get you more time?  Can you get up earlier?  Stay up later?  Stop watching TV?  Whatever.  Each are choices that you are making.  Want different results?  Make different choices.
Not enough money?  What can you do on the side to make some extra bucks?  Who do you know that can loan you the money?  Invest in the business?  What can you DO to impact this?
You get the idea.  At the end of the day, own your current situation (refer to my tips on mistakes here).  
If you do, you have the ability to change your future.  If not, you don’t.


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