The Best Thing About Monday

by | Sep 14, 2020

the best thing about Monday

Monday is the most maligned of days.  It seems that the entire world complains when Monday comes around again.  Some of that negativity is just the product of a culture that seems hell-bent on complaining.  So I thought I would spend a quick minute talking about the best about Monday.

The best thing about Monday is the possibility.

With the beginning of each week, we have the chance to chart a new path.  We talk about Monday as the time to get back to the grind…and it is.  But it does not have to be a continual rut.  Monday is the chance to begin a new path.  While the weekend might be a great time to rest and daydream, Monday represents the time to take action.

So rather than being just one of the many who is complaining.  Consider this Monday as a chance to start your week, your month and your year over…and create something you can be excited about.

When you start on that path, you might not be so depressed about next Monday.

One more thing to be excited about on Monday is a piece of content called “The Monday Minute.”  You can check that out here.

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