The Cost of Not Going

by | Aug 16, 2014

This year I have made the commitment to try and visit some of my customers that are farther away from our home office.  I want to have the opportunity to look them in the eye and show my appreciation in person.  Not a big deal, but as any sales person or entrepreneur knows, these visits take time, effort and money.  To drive 6 hours away to visit a client, to simply tell them thank you for their business, generally ends up taking a couple of business days.

It’s easier not to do it.  So a lot of the time, we don’t.  We justify that it costs too much, takes too much time, or is not worth it.

But what is the cost of NOT going?  It’s a hard number to quantify.  Sure, maybe the client still does business with us if I have not met with them.  But are they as committed to us?  Do we get every opportunity?  Do they spend just a little longer quoting us out?  It’s hard to say.

That is the case with so many “soft selling” skills.  It’s hard to measure.  Was their an increase because I went?  Sometimes that can be seen.  But was there a decrease because I didn’t?  Hmmm.

But it feels like the cost of NOT going can be higher in the long run.  


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