The Evolution of Delivering Marketing Joy

the evolution of Delivering Marketing Joy

It was 8 years ago when I decided to do a new piece of content called “Delivering Marketing Joy.”  I wanted to do a “web show” where I interviewed thought leaders, marketers, and other entrepreneurs each week.  And I had heard that the average show never makes it to episode 5…so I wanted to have 5 under my belt before I started.

I reached out to a few people I (sort of) knew to ask them to be guests.  And it was hard to describe what I wanted to do…because there were very few people doing it.  But several people were kind enough to trust me…so I was able to get started.

Episode 1 dropped on October 14, 2014...with Mark Graham.

It’s Too Long!

As I was describing it, many people were concerned with the length of the show.  “No one will watch a 15-minute video,” they warned me.  And while I shared that concern, I kept pushing back because I wanted to have a real conversation and I didn’t think I could do that in a shorter format.  Now…guests regularly comment on how mine is a “quick-hit” podcast.  Many podcasts today go much longer.


While many things about the show have changed, the basic idea is consistent.  I get to chat with the best and brightest in the marketing and entrepreneurship space about their expertise.  I get a weekly education from some amazing and incredibly bright folks.  That being said, as I look back on some early episodes, it’s hard not to cringe sometimes.  But that’s how it goes.  They say that, as a content creator, if you are not embarrassed by your early work…you waited too long to start.

So as I get ready to record my 400th episode, I wanted to say “thanks!”  It’s hard to believe that people have watched this weekly show for all these years.  I really do appreciate the time and attention.  And now I need to continue to evolve and make sure I am serving.

The 400th episode will be recorded LIVE tomorrow at 10 am eastern on PromoCorner.  I am excited and nervous about it.  So feel free to tune in…and give me feedback to make me better for the next 100 episodes!

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