The ladle and the spoon

by | Mar 2, 2017

A ladle and a spoon are both perfectly good utensils.  They are just designed for different purposes.  The spoon is a single sized utensil that allows you to efficiently and effectively serve yourself.  The ladle is a larger tool that is better served being used to put larger helpings on others plates.  It’s designed for serving others.

Yes you can serve others with a spoon, but it’s not efficient.  Yes, you can serve yourself with the ladle, but that’s not it’s purpose.

The challenge, I see, is that most people are walking around life with only a spoon.  We only seek to serve ourselves.  We see the world through the lens of “looking out for number one.”  It causes us to be myopic and selfish.  There are certainly times when we need to serve ourselves, but it’s not a rewarding long term way to go through life.

Instead, today I encourage you to at least take the ladle with you.  Be on the look out for reasons and opportunities to provide others value.  Look for reasons to share and serve.  It might be as simple as doing your job in a generous way…or it might be paying for someone’s lunch.  Whatever.  Just look for a way to set down your spoon for a bit today…and serve.

In the interest of giving credit, I heard this message at NewPointe Community Church this past weekend from Chad Olinger.  It struck me and I wanted to share.  Thanks for using the ladle!

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