The New Delivering Marketing Joy Podcast

It’s time to take Delivering Marketing Joy to the next level!

For those that are unaware, I wrote a book in 2014 called Delivering Marketing Joy.  The book is all about helping marketers use promotional products right.  It includes chapters on different types of products, events and organizations and how to leverage promo to help your organization. I am proud of the book and I hope it has helped people do promo better.

Later that year, I started a web show by the same name.  On Delivering Marketing Joy I interview entrepreneurs, marketers, authors and leaders (via skype) about tips to grow, pitfalls to avoid and more.  We release a new show each week and we have a new one with John Lee Dumas today (Episode 65).  Yes…you should check it out!  🙂

This week I am taking DMJ to the next level!  Starting Monday I have created a new Podcast series for Delivering Marketing Joy that will be available each business day!  The goal for the new podcast is to provide a short and (hopefully) sweet boost of inspiration and motivation for your day.  I would be honored if you would listen along with me.

Here is a run down of what this will look like on a day to day basis:

Monday:  Today we talk goals!  With it being the first of the year, it’s a great time to focus on goals.  Here is a quick podcast on how to make your goals more likely in the New Year! 

Tuesday:  On this episode we continue the chat on goals…and secret to helping you make sure your goals are actually in balance with your priorities. 

Wednesday:  Since the beginning of the DMJ web show, I have been asked to create this as a podcast too.  So that is what I have done!  Each Wednesday the podcast will feature the web show that day.  I am really excited about the conversation with John Lee Dumas today, so please check it out here!

So in 2016, get ready for More #MarketingJoy!  If you want to be inspired and grow this year, please join me for the ride.  Oh…and let me know if there are topics or questions you would like to see addressed on the show, I will do my best to make it happen!

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