The Right Reason

by | Nov 25, 2015

When I was in high school (oh those many years ago), my Senior English Teacher, Fran Nelson, said something that stuck with me.  She told me (and everyone in her class) that whatever the reason that got you to go (and stay) in college, was the right reason. 

She said, “People get hung up on the ‘right’ reason to go to a school, but that’s never what keeps you there!  If you need to go to a school that is close to a mall, then that’s the right reason.  Whatever gets you to go to college is the right reason.”

It’s one of the wisest things I have heard about human behavior in all these years.

When you are setting goals, starting projects, beginning exercise routines, quitting smoking, starting a business or picking a college, there is no wrong reason.  There is only your reason.  Stop worrying about why you SHOULD be doing something.  Instead, start focusing on why you REALLY want to do it.  What’s the real reason?

Whatever the real reason is that gets you to do the right thing…is the right reason.


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