The Story You Tell Yourself

the story we tell ourselves

Yesterday I woke up feeling tired.  I knew it was time to wake up.  I had a lot to do.  But my body and mind did not seem ready to move.

I convinced myself to peel my body out of bed and I walked slowly to the kitchen so I could make coffee.  As I filled the coffee pot with water I took a mental inventory.  I wanted to say “I am so tired,” but I stopped myself.  Instead I said quietly (the rest of the house was still asleep), “I feel good.  I got plenty of rest.”  Then I started thinking about that first cup of coffee and the things I was excited to work on.  My attitude improved.

The story we tell ourselves matters.  A lot.

Our mind is an amazing gift that most of us take for granted.  We understand that it helps us survive, but most of us are not using it to really thrive.  Part of that brain is our subconscious mind, and it is working in the background all of the time.  If you feed it questions to answer, it will work quietly on them until you are inspired with the solution.  And whether we know it or not, we are constantly feeding the subconscious mind information.

We are telling it a story about our situation…a foundation from which to operate.

And unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious does not really know the truth.  It accepts the information you give it.  So if you tell it over and over and over (like so many people I meet do) that you are tired, or frustrated, upset or sick, then that is the reality it will continue to show you.  If, on the other hand, you purposefully feed it information that you are happy, healthy, rested and excited, you will see more of that in your daily life.

Don’t get me wrong. There will still be challenges.  Life will still be hard.  But the story we tell ourselves has a huge impact on our mindset…and the way we attack our day.

As Wayne Dyer once said, “Once you know that the thoughts you have become real in your life, you become really careful about what you think about!”

Now that you know that it matters, what is the story you are telling yourself?

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