The Thing About Trolls

by | Mar 13, 2015

One of the challenges (or fears if we are honest) about putting yourself out there (or creating), is the reaction of the trolls.  The trolls of the internet (and life) seemingly just look for a reason to tear everything down.  Nothing is ever good enough.  They are always looking for a reason to rip into to something or someone.

They are the people that are mad if they can’t find something to be pissed about.

The reality though, is that sometimes these are the voices that are the loudest.  They are often mean.  They are the hardest to forget.  They can be difficult to ignore…so we fixate.  I get it.

But here’s the thing about Trolls.

Trolls have (almost) never actually done anything.  They are in the business of “destruction.”  That’s really important to remember. 

You will never find a real author who writes a mean review about another author’s book.  A real dancer will never rip into another dancer’s online video.  (Can you imagine Seth Godin or Jeff Haden writing a mean review?  Me either).  They might offer helpful criticism, but never be mean and spiteful.  It’s not how they roll.  Why?  Several reasons…here are two.

First, they know how hard it is.  A creator knows how hard it is to put in the work…and to put themselves out there.

Second, they have other–more constructive–things to do.

Creators are not interested in tearing down (or Trolling).  They are creating.

Do that.  The rest will take care of itself.


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