Thinking Win-Win

by | Feb 11, 2012

I totally understand this is not a new concept. Ever since I read the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, I have been aware of the idea of looking for Win-Win solutions to challenges.

But the more I have an opportunity to be in business for myself, the more I see the power in this concept…and the more I see them as a REAL possibility for each of us.

Covey’s concept was simple. So many of us enter discussions, situations, relationships, and negotiations with the idea that for me to win, you have to lose. This way is adversarial by nature and certainly does not create relationships we want to maintain. Even if we are the winner, the loser will look for any way to leave the agreement, or break it. There is no trust.

But if you enter these discussions with the idea that each party needs to win, then you see things differently. You take the time to understand things from their perspective. The irony is, by doing so, you often see solutions that you didn’t see before. You can often see a way to meet the other person’s needs that they have not asked for. You can great a win-win.

I strive to create Win-Win’s in my life. I am certainly not perfect, but I do pride myself in being able to see another person’s perspective. I don’t always agree with them…but frankly I think that is okay too.

I am currently involved in a new project called that I think is a great example of win-win. Small businesses that participate with us have the opportunity to promote their business for free. Consumers have the opportunity to have great savings in shopping, while supporting local businesses. This is a bit of a new concept, but we think it will work. We believe it because it is a win-win.

Are you seeking out Win-Win’s in your relationships or business? They are there if you look!


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