Voices I Listen To (In Business and Life)

by | Jun 7, 2015

When you are on the road of sales or entrepreneurship, it can be a lonely journey.  Though you (hopefully) are talking to clients and customers on a regular basis, you have the responsibility to make lots of decisions on your own.  That’s part of the blessing and the curse of business.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a few trusted voices that help to inspire and guide you.

So here are some (just a few) voices that I listen to that help guide me.  Some of these folks I know…some I don’t.  But each of them are voices I listen to…and I think you should too!

Gary Vaynerchuk:  If you follow me at all, you probably already know this.  But if you are trying to grow a business, you need to be following the king of #hustle.  Gary has grown two different businesses to prominence and is an author and speaker on growing your business and social media.  His latest book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is like a text book for doing social right.  Oh, and his #AskGaryVee web show is great too!

Jeff Haden:  Jeff Haden is a ghostwriter, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer, and contributing editor for Inc. He’s written more than 50 nonfiction books, including six Amazon Business and Investing No. 1’s, along with hundreds of articles and reports. And he’s collected four years of tips and advice in his book TransForm: Dramatically Improve Your Career, Business, Relationships, and Life… One Simple Step at a Time.    Jeff was also kind enough to be on my web show Delivering Marketing Joy not once but twice!

Seth Godin:  Seth is the godfather of marketing.  I read his blog nearly every day.  The lesson here is that he puts out a blog post EVERY day!  Seth has written 12 best-selling books and is a truly original thinker (we need more of that today).  One of the real highlights of my year was when Mark Graham and I were able to interview him for a PromoKitchen podcast.  It was a real thrill.

Mike Michalowicz:  This year I have read all three of Mike’s books.  They have all been really good.  I really enjoyed the Pumpkin Plan.  The book Profit First, however, has really changed the way I think about accounting for money in my business.  I have recommended it to most of my entrepreneur friends…and I highly recommend it to you!  Mike is a straight shooter and really understands the entrepreneurial journey.  He was also kind enough to be on my #MarketingJoy show.

Patrick Clark:  If you have not heard of Patrick, you should.  Patrick is a close personal friend and has one of the best entrepreneurial minds I know.  He is founder and CEO of Meridios, a software development company in the healthcare field.  Patrick is constantly learning and thinking.  And when I have a crazy business idea, he is the one I want to run it by.   Want to be a better entrepreneur?  Get to know this guy.  I also love his advice for entrepreneurs on Delivering Marketing Joy

Mark Graham:  Mark is a creator.  He and his lovely wife Catherine (who is also awesome) have created multiple businesses including RightSleeve and Commonsku.  In doing so, he has certainly created the credibility to be respected.  But he has also been instrumental in creating PromoKitchen, which is a non-profit in the promotional products industry that wants to elevate the industry through education and mentorship.  Good stuff. Mark is also a two time veteran of Delivering Marketing Joy

Bill Petrie:  Bill is the founder of Brandivate Marketing, which is a consulting business for people in he promotional products world.  He is a veteran of the industry, but keeps a very fresh perspective.  In his role as “consultant” I find him to be willing to give.  He gives thoughtful advice and counsel…and advice that is full of tactics, not just fluff.  He has a great blog that he updates multiple times each week, and yes, he was on the #MarketingJoy Show!

Amy Hasseman:  In the interest of full disclosure, Amy is my wife.  But that is not why I listen to her.  I am lucky that my best friend and roommate also happens to have a keen business mind.  She helps to reign me in when I am being too whacky.  But she certainly gives me enough rope to explore too.  She is a great partner in Hasseman Marketing and a great mom to our kids.  She is also a lot of fun on our Facebook page.  Thanks Amy!  🙂

So there are just a few.  There are lots of other great voices that I value.  But this list is made up of awesome people that I think will help you as well!  Enjoy…and feel free to share some voices that I should have included!


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