Waiting on Someday

I am a big believer of dreaming big. You need to be able to stretch your dream muscles so that you can envision a life that is better than the one in which you currently live (if you want that!). I believe it is important to take the time to meditate, dream, pray, etc. so that you can “see” that life you want.

Frankly, I think it’s vital.

The problem is, that is where most people stop. Even those that want to change their current circumstances won’t go further. They “think” about it. They dream about it. But what do they actually DO about it?

It’s amazing to me how few people actually write down their goals. It’s a simple act. And pretty much every success book, blog, article or magazine says this is an important activity for success. These experts will tell you to dream big, then write down your goals on a regular basis. The act of writing it down, they will tell you, is a powerful, simple step toward making your dream a reality. They can even state studies that show this to be true.

But most people don’t do it. Why?

I think most people want something better for themselves, but they are waiting on the dreaded “someday.” Someday is the future horizon where everything will line up perfectly. “Someday when the bills are paid…when the kids are out of school…when I get an inheritance…when the economy is better.” People are waiting for a someday that never comes. Because there is never a PERFECT time to jump. If you wait for their perfect day…you will never change.

The greatest distance in the world is the distance between “I know” and “I do.” The dreamers of the world “know” what they need to do. They dream, they think and they plan. Those who are successful take the next step into action.

What are you going to DO today to make your future dreams come true?

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