We Are Like Balloons

we are like balloons

I was looking at a balloon the other day and was inspired.  Not only because I am a huge fan of branded merchandise and a balloon often symbolizes an event or a celebration.  While I do love that, it’s not the reason.  I was inspired because it reminded me of a simple analogy.

We Are Like Balloons.

Go with me here.

The Deflated Balloon

A deflated balloon is you…unchallenged.  It is shriveled or small.  The purpose of a balloon is to grow and stretch so it can puff up its chest and add its color to the world.  The same is true for us.  We often think we want to be comfortable and relaxed…but most of the time that leads to us being like the deflated balloon.  We need some pressure in our life to reach our full potential.

The Balloon Can Burst

Conversely, we all know that sometimes we stretch that balloon too much.  When there is too much pressure, and that balloon gets too full, it can be destroyed with a loud bang.  We have times like that in our lives.  The demands of work and family and the whirlwind can become too much. When that happens, we need to decrease the pressure…or we will burst.

Balloons Stretch Further Than We Think

But despite the concern for popping, balloons are often more pliable than we think.  We can often stretch a balloon further than we know.  And then, when we understand the limits, we can bring the level of air back down to an appropriate amount.  The same is true for us.  While there are times in life when we think we are at our limit, we can often handle more than we think.  We are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for.  We can stretch more than we think.

The trick, of course, is to find the balance.  We don’t want to be stretched to our limits all of the time.  We will break down over time…and pop.  On the other hand, the answer is not to become shriveled and purposeless.  We need to be stretched just enough to show our beautiful colors to the world.

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