what about now?

When you were younger, and you wanted something, you were probably relentless.  You would ask your parents or teachers for the object of your desire.  Then, if they told you “no,” you might only wait a few minutes before asking again.  You wanted it!  They might have said “no” 5 minutes ago, but you would ask “What about now?”

You may not remember now, but that tactic often worked.

Most of us have stopped using that most basic tactic.  Over time, whether through school, or friends, or culture (or those same parents) we have been taught that this strategy is annoying.  It lacks tact.  You can’t just keep asking for that thing you want over and over again!  It shows that you are desperate.  No one who is “cool” would do that.

And yet…that tactic still works.

Despite the culture discouraging us, that level of persistence is often what separates the winners from the losers.  In order to win any race, we have to keep going.  We NEED to keep asking.  What does this look like in “real life?”

  • A salesperson that calls on a prospect for the first time, most often gets a “no.” The ones that succeed are the ones that follow up again and again.  They ask “What about now?”
  • The actor that fails to get the part at an audition.  They go back to work at their craft and try again.  They ask “What about now?”
  • The content marketer that writes a blog that no one seems to follow.  Each morning they begin with a new idea and they ask “what about now?”


While your journey might seem frustrating and slow right now, persistence is powerful.  But don’t mistake patience for just waiting around.  You have to keep doing the work.  It’s important to keep learning.  It’s vital to keep showing up and asking…

“What about now?”

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