What Are You Giving Linkedin?

what are you giving linkedin?

I was talking to a peer recently about social media.  We discussed the normal challenges that most people have with the platforms that usually are related to negativity.  He was saying he just did not like Facebook anymore, so he wanted to step away from it.  For the record, I am still highly involved on Facebook and see MOST of my results and traffic from the platform.

But since this person was in sales I said, “Okay…what about Linkedin?  Why don’t you redirect your efforts there?”

He shrugged a bit and said something I have heard a lot of people say.  “I don’t really get Linkedin.  When I log in it seems like I just get fake messages and spam requests.  People are just trying to sell me without even getting to know me.”

I acknowledged that there are some people that do that.  But I really don’t see it that much.  Then I realized why.

So I asked, “What are you giving Linkedin?  What value are you providing?”

Here’s the thing.  Linkedin (or any social media platform) doesn’t owe you anything.  You get out of it what you put into it.  So if you show up just looking to see what you can get from it…you won’t get much.  If, on the other hand, you show up consistently, share articles, comment on others’ content, connect with people and help others connect with each other…you will likely get a lot back.

In that way, Linkedin is not that different from a local Rotary club.  If you only go for lunch, you might not see much return in your business.  But if you show up, donate, roll up your sleeves, help with projects and lead, it can transform your business and your life.

This is the essence of “giving first.”  Those who provide value first, tend to create long-term relationships.  Those relationships turn into customers.

So if you are one of those that don’t “get anything” from social media, I would encourage you to look in the mirror.  While the social media world is fairly new in business, this simple truth is not…

“Life is an echo.  What you give out…you get back.”  Zig Ziglar.

If you interested in putting in the work to level up, please feel free to check out the new Better Business University.  We are creating an affordable, online education platform that will help you (and your team) grow.  Learn more here.

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