What Do You Put In First?

by | May 29, 2014

Yesterday, as a part of my morning routine, I was having a cup of coffee and checking over emails and my social networks.  During this time I noticed a feed that a friend had commented on, so I checked it out.  What I found was, unfortunately, a complicated angry debate over a complex issue.  I read through the comments and found myself getting “sucked in.”

The good news is, I did not comment or engage in it.  Not because I don’t like to debate (trust me, I do), but because I am not sure anyone in the history of the internet has EVER changed anyone’s mind this way.  It’s a waste of time.   More importantly, it’s a waste of energy…and yesterday it was mine!

I found myself thinking about the exchange the rest of the morning.  Then without realizing it, I let it frame my mood for the rest of the morning. 

It comes back to, what do you “put in” your mind first thing in the morning?

Most of the time I try to put something interesting, productive or positive in my mind first thing.  I find that the first thing I put in, is what I get out the rest of the day. 

So today I start the day mindful of what I am “putting in” first thing.


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