What Is Holding You Back?

by | Mar 7, 2022

what is holding you back

There are more tools to create than ever before.  Whether you want to create a video, a song, or write a book…you can.  And you can do it for very little money.  As Seth Godin talks about in his blog today, it used to cost $1 million to create a studio-worthy album good enough to make it in the Top 40.  Now you can do it in your bedroom.

If you want to write, you can write.  If you want to create…you can create.  I talk about some creators I admire here.

So with all of those tools at our fingertips, why do we see so many people who are not creating?  Why are you not creating?

What is holding you back?

While there are many internal challenges that people struggle with, and I am probably not qualified to address most of them, it seems to me there are two that bubble to the top.

  • First, they just don’t want to put in the work.
  • Second, they don’t think it will be good enough.

If you fall in the first category, this blog is probably not for you.  I can’t help you…and no one else can either.  And to be clear, if you are not interested in putting in the work, no problem.  Just don’t complain about it.  If you are happy with your life…great!  That is what we should be aspiring to.  That’s not a knock.

Just be honest in your assessment and move on.

But if you fall in the second category, just know you are not alone.  That is why I talk a lot about “the voice in your head.”  So many of us are held back because of our internal dialogue.  The voice that we hear more than any other (our own) is sabotaging us from even beginning.  But how can we succeed if we don’t even try?  We know intellectually that we can’t.  But “that voice,” tells us that we can’t fail either.

That voice is a liar.

The fact is, when we try something new, we might fail.  It might not work.  But that is what makes it exciting, and new, and creates growth in our lives!  It might not work…but it might!  But if we don’t try we do fail.  We fail to create the life we want.  We create a world where we don’t become the very best version of ourselves.  And to be honest, it’s our own fault.

Let’s beat “that voice” this week.  If you have something you want to try, take a step toward that.  Do something that moves you toward creating.  Any little step will do.  Because those little steps can create momentum.  Once you realize what is holding you back, you can push through and work to create something you are really excited, and proud of.

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