When In Doubt, Go On Offense

go on offense

One of our rules at Hasseman Marketing is, “When in doubt, go on offense.”

This rule tends to pop up when things are a bit slower.  If you are waiting for the phone to ring or the email to ring or the text to buzz…it’s time to get pro-active and “go on offense.”  Now before you recoil and assume this means we have to start cold-calling strangers, going on offense can mean a lot of things.

Going On Offense might mean…

  • Reaching out to dormant accounts to check in and see how we can work together again
  • Emailing top clients with new ideas that might serve them
  • Calling new prospects to see if we can meet
  • Working with our partners to create new ideas to help our customers grow
  • Creating new content that serves our target market

And of course, there are countless other things that might fall into the category.  When we “go on offense,” we need to lean into the uncomfortable.  In today’s culture, there are more and more tools that help us be comfortable.  As a matter of fact, if we are not careful, we can create a life where we are never uncomfortable.  While that may sound great, it’s not.

It’s a recipe for stagnation and depression.

As humans, I believe we need some sort of purpose to help fulfill us and drive us.  And when we find that purpose, that’s not the end of the journey.  To chase that purpose (like I talk about here), you will need to lean into learning new things and taking on new challenges.  That will be uncomfortable.

It’s in those moments we need to “go on offense.”

When we find stumbling blocks on our journey, it’s not a sign to give up.  It’s a call to lean in.

It’s probably a time to “go on offense.”

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