When Things Are Rolling

“Sometimes you are the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.” 
Sometimes when you are on a challenging journey, you will work and toil with (what feels like) very little result.  But if you keep at it, day by day, you will find that you make progress…over time.
Then one day (if you keep at it long enough) it will bust loose!
You will see that the results start to come “easy.”  They come “all of a sudden!”  In reality they have been building over hours, and days and weeks and months of work.  And now they are all coming at once!  It is awesome!
It’s time for “the harvest.”  
The natural thing to do is to focus strictly on the harvest.  You become an order taker as the opportunities roll in.  This can also feel like the time to “relax.”   This is when people will tell you to take a vacation or a day off.  Maybe.
But I say when you are on a roll…keep rolling!  Keep hustling.  The harder days will be back before you know it.  You will be glad you made the most of the roll downhill.
My 12 Week Year Goals

My 12 Week Year Goals

I talk a lot about goals on this blog (and everywhere else).  I believe in them.  It helps me (and you) to create a life worth living...on purpose.  But sometimes creating goals for an entire year can seem daunting.  It can be hard to see that far in the future...and...

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A Simple Way to Say Thanks

A Simple Way to Say Thanks

What have you done today to thank your customers?  Most of the time as sales people and entrepreneurs we go to our customers looking to sell them.  I get it.  That's the point, right? But the fact is, most customers who leave you do so because they don't think you...

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Make Your Magic Anyway

Each of us has that "mean little" voice in our head.  It's the one that tells us that we are not "smart enough, not talented enough, rich, tall, beautiful enough to be successful."  It whispers doomsday predictions in our ear about what will happen if we try...

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A Week of Marketing Joy

How can I provide you value?  How can I help you grow?  How can I go above and beyond and push myself to really bring value?These questions drove me to start my new Delivering Marketing Joy podcast each business day.  The idea is provide a quick boost...

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