where do I get ideas

I mentioned recently that one of my “12 Week Year Goals” for the first part of 2021 is to write a blog daily.  When ever I take on an endeavor this like, one question I ultimately get is “Where do you come up with ideas to write every day?”

The answer is, some days it’s easier than others.

There are times when I have all kinds of ideas on things I want to write about.  During those times I can bank the idea, or even a random blog.  The ideas or lessons seem to be all around me.  I see them on social media, or in conversations with my family.  But there are other times when the ideas come slower.  I struggle with a topic or even what to say when I have a topic.

During those times, I find that I need to get quiet.

I need to get away from the constant stimulus.  While I do get ideas from reading, and TV, and social media, sometimes we have to let our own mind process.  What do I think about that?  What do I have to add to the discussion?  Where can I help?

It’s REALLY hard to ask those questions (and then allow yourself to consider them) if you are constantly barraged with other voices.  Sometimes, though you might not want to hear it, we need to put our damn phones down and spend some time thinking for ourselves.

Get quiet.  Your ideas will likely get louder.

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