Why To Reach Out

why to reach out

I had a conversation last night with a friend that really struck me.  We all have “this friend” in our life.  He’s the one that has it all together.  He is smart and talented and confident.  And he deserves to be.  He has worked hard for years to develop his reputation and his skills.  He has the “perfect life.”

And yet for the last week, he told me he has been lost.

He has been going through an incredibly challenging time.  His work was terribly stressful, and his confidence was a bit shaken.  He was questioning his own abilities in a big way.  Most of us can relate.  Regardless of how our life appears to the outside world, we all have those moments of crushing self-doubt.

We all have that voice.  Sometimes it’s just much louder than others.

Over the course of the last week, our “perfect guy” has been able to lift himself up.  While he is still in the storm, he is weathering it much better.  As we talked, he told me that one of the things that lifted him up was support from friends.  People had reached out to check on him and he realized that, regardless of work challenges, they still respected him and had his back.

And while that should not always be your validation, let’s be honest…sometimes it helps.

I took two things away from the conversation that might apply to many of us.

First, regardless of your storm, you probably have way more people in your life that support you than you think.  Everyone is busy.  They have their own storms.  They might not be reaching out to you because they are paddling too.  But they are there.  You are not alone.

Second, check on your friends.  While they might seem like they have it all together, most of us don’t feel like that.  On the inside, we all sometimes feel lost.  Sometimes we all feel like it’s falling apart.  By checking in (without needing anything), you might be able to send a signal that someone has their back.

To be honest, I am not always great at this.  I get wrapped up in my own world and don’t always reach out.

Today seems like a good day to get better.

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