Winning Cures Everything…Right?

by | Mar 18, 2015

There is a well-used sports metaphor that is thrown around on sports media all the time.  Winning cures everything.

You usually hear it when a team (often one people thought was going to be decent) is struggling.  And as the team is struggling, you can start to see cracks from the outside.  Some of the team members (usually the diva wide receivers :)) are talking to the media about the frustrations.  Some are starting to get angry with the questions and concerns.  You are hearing reports about fighting “inside the locker room.” 

That’s when you hear someone say “Winning cures everything.” 

The idea, of course, is that when you are winning the frustrations that are really driving everyone crazy become less important.  The game ends in joy.  The hard work has paid off.  There is not a huge media contingent pointing out every single mistake.  The team is being celebrated.  Winning cures everything.

In business, you might here the similar comment “Sales cures everything.”

If the company has been frustrated with tight budgets, shrinking opportunities, stern lectures and no fun, a big sales month can really perk things up!  A year of good sales can show the company as a total success! 

And while it is true that sales will help to loosen the stress in some ways, success can increase stress in others.  While things are slower, it’s a great time to work on your fundamentals of your company.  Make sure the financials are solid.  Work had to make sure culture is right.  Prepare for good and bad days to come. 

That way, when the sales (winning) comes, you team is ready to deal with the wave that comes their way!


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