Working on What You’re Passionate About

by | Sep 8, 2014

Nearly every time I get bogged down in life, I find it is because I am spending way too much time and energy on things I don’t REALLY care about.  The capital letters there are on purpose.  The tricky thing is, they are things I do care about…a little.  I “kinda” care about them.  I “sorta” care about them.  I care about them. 

I just don’t REALLY care about them.

Derek Stivers says that when choosing a project to throw your time at there are only two answers, “Hell yeah!” or “No.”  In other words, you either are totally insanely passionate about it…or you must say no.  Otherwise you spend a ton of time and energy on projects that take you away from the things you do REALLY care about. And that becomes frustrating because nothing gets done the way you want.

The key is to say NO on the front end to those projects that you are not REALLY passionate about.  But that is tough.  Sometimes we all over-extend.  So when we do, and we recognize that we have a lot on our plate that we don’t REALLY care about, it’s time to clean out the project closet.

It’s time.


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