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If you have not been paying attention, going to market has changed over the last 5 years.  But what does that really mean for you and your organization?  It means that no matter what you do or what you sell, you are a Media company first.

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In today’s world, you need to understand that you are all about the stories you tell your customers and prospects.  Whether you sell cars, jewelry, promotional products or jelly beans, you need to consider yourself as a media company that sells (fill in the blank).  This means you too, non-profits!  You can’t simply go back to your clients over and over and ask.  You need to provide interesting, relevant information to your audience.

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So what does “being a media company” really mean?  Think of it like ABC Family (now changing their name to FreeForm).  As a media company, they do several things for their audience that you should consider:

  1.  They create content:  FreeForm creates their own programs that you have to watch on their channel.  The programming is appropriate for their audience.  They have created it with their specific audience in mind.  In addition, it helps to create a growing audience that is interested in that type of content.
  2. They share content:  In addition to the content they create, they also share programs that others have created that their audience likes or are interested in.  I am not in front of a TV right now, but you can likely find re-runs and syndicated programs that they did not create.
  3. They Ask:  In between the content (or value) that they create, they take breaks in order to run commercials.  This is the media version of the “ask.”  If all they did was run commercials, you would never watch their channel!  They understand that if they provide value, you will tolerate the ask.

So remember, if all you are doing is asking, you are not acting like a media company.  You need to provide value first!  Start acting like a media company today…and watch your ratings soar.

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