You Will Never Feel Completely Ready

by | Apr 16, 2022

Last night I went to the “race packet pick-up” for the Friends of the Park race in Coshocton County.  Before I walked in to get my t-shirt and merch, I ran into another runner and we discussed if we “felt ready” for the race.

“I always wish I would have trained more,” I told him.  “But when tomorrow comes, I will be there!”

I realized this morning that I always feel this way.  At every race, especially the longer races, I find myself at the beginning wishing that I felt “more ready.”  I always wish I would have trained more.  Every time, I think that I could have been more prepared.  But then, on the day of the race, I go out and compete…and it usually goes just fine.

This feels like a metaphor for entrepreneurship or starting a new project.

You will never feel completely ready.

Waiting “until you are ready” is a fool’s errand.

At some point in the process, if you want to run the race, you have to show up anyway.

You will never feel completely read

I probably wasn’t ready.  But the race went fine.  Shout out to The Friends of the Park, Sherry Kirkpatrick, and DK Races for putting it on.

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