CEO Of Your Life

ceo of your life

One of my least favorite words today is “busy.”  There are worse words, for sure.  But there are few words that are more over-used by nearly everyone on the planet.  Everyone says they are “busy.”  Even people who never seem busy to me, say they are busy.  It’s ubiquitous.

And if you don’t believe me, try to stop using the word for a week.  It’s harder than you think.  That’s because it’s become the answer to every question we get asked.

How is life?  Busy.

How are the kids?  Busy.

How is work?  Busy.

My friends…busy is not the goal!  Life is not a competition to see how many dumb things we can check off our to-do list.  Life should be about being productive, or happy, or loved.

One of my frustrations with the word is that it has become a bit of an excuse.  There is no way we can’t take on that important project, or tackle that interesting problem.  We are just “too busy.”  Most of the time, this is simply not true.  We just have a bunch of bullshit we don’t really care about on our calendar.  The calendar is full…but it’s full of activities that we are “meh” about.

That’s why I talk about the rule of “hell yes or no.”  

It’s time to take over as CEO of your life.

In an organization, the CEO is in charge of creating the vision for the future.  This person decides what the goals will be, and the strategies and tactics that will be taken to get there.  The CEO is not just to person doing the activities (though as an entrepreneur, you might be).  They are deciding what activities need to be done.

That being said, the CEO is not the king.  They have to answer to customers, stockholders, and employees.  They have to weigh out the impact of each decision on the organization.  Then they chart the path that will create the best outcomes.

That’s what you need to do as CEO of your life.

Chart the path.  Create the tactics or goals that will get you moving in that direction.  Adjust the sails when change comes.

But stop saying you are too busy.  If you are not excited about the activities you are doing…the person to change it is you.

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