It’s Time To Get Urgency Back

by | Feb 4, 2021

get urgency back

Here is something I have found to be true.  When, as a consumer, I am researching something to purchase, there is a limited window on my attention.  It might be a whim, where I just want information, or something I want to purchase but I keep forgetting.  I go to my computer or my phone and I dig in a bit.  Then, if I am really interested, I might reach out to a company (or a salesperson) to get more information (or pricing).

Then I move on with my life.

When I send that email or request assistance, I am interested. This is the time I have spent the time to learn more.  I might have looked at color options and features.  I am what you would call “a hot lead.”  But here’s the thing, the more time that goes by, the colder I become.  The speed of the world, the next shiny object, or just the whirlwind of life gets in front of me…and that thing I was so interested in becomes less and less important.

The formula goes something like this:  More time + Less Interest = No sale.

I sense that urgency has been one of the casualties of the pandemic.  Maybe I am wrong, but I sense a general lack of intensity and hustle across the American workplace.  We seem to have gotten so comfortable working in our pajamas that our need to get back to the customer in a (really) timely fashion has decreased.  And it’s happened at the wrong time.  While sales pros have become laxer, customers have realized they can just buy that item online and have it shipped to their door in 2 days (or less).

Customer expectations have gone up…and performance has gone down.

And I am not immune to this disease either.  I have sensed myself taking my foot off the gas in the last month or so.  I have noticed and that is why I said that it was time to Go On Offense.  It’s time to take pro-active action.  But remember, when you go on offense in sales, you create the need to follow up.

And that brings us back to the beginning.

When you go on offense (and you should today), you will create requests from customers.  When you see those requests, make sure your sense of urgency matches (or exceeds) the customer’s expectations.  Without that urgency, your customers will think that you don’t really care.

And they will be right.

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