One Simple Rule of Business

by | Mar 29, 2022

one simple rule of business

I have a set of rules I live by.  I even wrote them down here.  Rule #2 is the most quoted…in case you were wondering.  Those are my rules of life.

But I have rules for business as well.

One of those rules is simple.  “Never get in the way of someone trying to give you money.”

While this might sound like a “duh” rule, there are so many businesses that don’t follow it.  In an effort to create a “business that scales,” they forget to create a “business that serves.”

The goal of any good business is to solve a problem.  It serves a gap in the market or a hole in the prospect’s life.  And when done well, they do it in a slightly better or different way!  If you can do that, and then do it joyfully…you really have something.

But in creating the system to do this repeatedly (and you should create the manual to do this) make sure you work hard to remove friction for the customer.  Often we create systems that make it easy on us.  And when you can, that’s great.

But that’s not the point of the business.  So it should not be the point of the system.

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