The Day After Perfect

the day after perfect

It’s hard to believe that January is coming to an end.  January 2021 could not come fast enough.  Now that it’s here…it seems to be moving so quickly.  For so many (including me) the new year signaled the time for new goals.  I talked about mine here.  And in the beginning, all of these goals seem so exciting…and achievable.

This is often when “perfect” gets in our way.

Let’s say we start with the goal of writing a blog every day.  When we create the goal we are full of energy and excitement.  It’s going to be a challenge, but we have a plan.  And for a while, we are able to keep it up.  It’s exciting.  We have a streak.  Then one day, because of travel or sickness or laziness or life…we miss.  The streak has snapped.  Then what do we do?  In his book “Finish,” Jon Acuff calls this “the day after perfect.”

The Day After Perfect Is Where Goals Go To Die

Now that our streak has snapped, it seems our momentum has gone with it.  The sense of urgency is gone.  When the streak was still intact, you didn’t want to break it.  But now that the newness of the goal has worn off and the streak has snapped, it’s really easy to stop completely.  I have seen it (and done it) with plenty of goals of my own.  Once I am not “perfect” it’s almost not worth doing at all.

First things first, give yourself some grace.  You missed a day.  You did.  Own it.  Then let it go.  Don’t spend time beating yourself up and telling yourself you will never make it.  The story you tell yourself matters more than just about anything else.

It’s time to reconnect with the goal.  This is an exercise that helps me get excited about those goals again.  Why was I excited to write every day in the first place?  What was I trying to accomplish?  Who was I trying to serve?  By re-examining the goals I find that I am able to overcome my frustration to get started again.

Start A New Streak

Now that you have owned the “mistake” and reconnected with the goals, it’s time to start again.  Start a new streak.  As Acuff says, the most successful people are the ones that start again “the day after perfect.”  Today is a perfect day to start your new streak…and start chasing those goals again.

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